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One to Watch: Paul McGuire on poker

May 1, 2009

Back in October 2008 when I wrote about 20th Century Fox’s fast-tracking of the Wall Street 2 movie, I turned a spotlight onto one of my favorite living writers, Paul McGuire. If there were a category for nouveau-gonzo in journalism, the man known all over the international poker circuit as Dr. Pauly would be one of its luminaries.

I lamented then that it was a shame that Allen Loeb was going to be the new movie’s screenwriter, and suggesting that Dr. Pauly be given a shot at the job instead. Yesterday, the good doctor’s writings provided yet another reason why I think he should be writing screenplays and novels in addition to the many freelance articles he turns in about poker, and more specifically, why he’s the perfect guy to write about Wall Street and greed in the new millenium: (more…)