One to Watch: Paul McGuire on poker

Back in October 2008 when I wrote about 20th Century Fox’s fast-tracking of the Wall Street 2 movie, I turned a spotlight onto one of my favorite living writers, Paul McGuire. If there were a category for nouveau-gonzo in journalism, the man known all over the international poker circuit as Dr. Pauly would be one of its luminaries.

I lamented then that it was a shame that Allen Loeb was going to be the new movie’s screenwriter, and suggesting that Dr. Pauly be given a shot at the job instead. Yesterday, the good doctor’s writings provided yet another reason why I think he should be writing screenplays and novels in addition to the many freelance articles he turns in about poker, and more specifically, why he’s the perfect guy to write about Wall Street and greed in the new millenium:

Over the weekend, I did my homework and researched four different pharmaceutical companies that stood to profit from the Swine Flu. I targeted BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, and Quidel. I jumped out of bed extremely on Monday morning because I was on the West Coast and didn’t want to miss the opening bell. The rush returned. That feeling I forgot. The adrenaline. Mounting as the time slowly approached.

Within a few hours, I was mentally exhausted as I sat on the edge of my seat with every uptick and gobbled up every ounce of news from Mexico City about the swine flu. There was so much chatter that I had no idea what to believe.

My picks fared well. I was essentially done with my day trading session by 1pm and booked a small profit. I returned to re-writing Lost Vegas and returned to my retirement from the grind of investing.

Alas, I was one of those scumbag Swine Flu profiteers. But hey, if Al Gore can pick up some quick cash on the Swine Flu, why can’t I?


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